Unveiling the Success Story of the 28th Pakistan HVACR International Expo & Conference 2023

Insights from Saad Khan Convener Media and Advertising and Remarkable Achievements

Saad Khan, a Life Member of the Pakistan HVACR Society since 2010, and an esteemed member of the Executive Council 2021-2023 of Pakistan HVACR Society, and the Convener of Media and Advertising for the 28th Pakistan HVACR International Expo & Conference 2023, has played a crucial role in ensuring the event’s resounding success. Through his expertise and unwavering dedication, Saad has orchestrated exceptional media coverage across various platforms, including print, digital, and mainstream media.

Since joining the Pakistan HVACR society in 2010, Saad’s prior experience has significantly contributed to the triumph of the Expo. His primary vision for the 28th Pakistan HVACR International Expo & Conference 2023 was to secure unparalleled media exposure, aiming to acquire widespread recognition and captivate the engineering community. To achieve this ambitious goal, Saad and his team diligently created diverse advertising opportunities for exhibitors, leveraging social media, print media, and mainstream channels. Their efforts effectively promoted the Expo, expanding its reach to a broader audience and attracting relevant exhibitors and industry professionals.

In an exclusive conversation with Engineering Post, Saad Khan expressed, “As the Convener of Media and Advertising for the HVACR Expo this year, my primary focus has been to ensure that exhibitors receive optimal exposure across all platforms. Furthermore, we have engaged diverse forms of media to maximize professional participation in the Expo.”

A notable achievement of Saad and his team this year was the organization of Exhibitor Meetups in Lahore, Karachi, and Islamabad. These meetups strategically showcased the Expo’s attractions and branding opportunities, successfully attracting exhibitors and sponsors.

To facilitate a seamless online launch, Saad and his team established a dedicated Expo website. Within hours, 80% of booth bookings were completed, thanks to their comprehensive step-by-step online tutorial video, which simplified the process for exhibitors.

This year Mr. Zeeshan Ahmed Siddiqui, the Chairman of the Karachi Chapter of Pakistan HVACR Society, has also engaged an internal auditor from the very beginning of the preparations. This proactive measure ensures financial transparency, and the audit report shall be submitted to the executive council in short time, further reinforcing the Expo’s commitment to accountability and integrity.

The 28th Expo highlights various initiatives aimed at creating a thriving and engaging event. This includes a user-friendly Expo website, a step-by-step tutorial video for bookings, and pre-launch welcome videos by esteemed Society members, extending warm greetings to exhibitors and sponsors. The Expo also celebrates its rich heritage by showcasing past Karachi events, firmly establishing its legacy.

Moreover, the Expo features a dedicated registration marquee, a distinguished Made in Pakistan Pavilion, and introduced first time an awe-inspiring Consultant and Architect Lounge. Saad and his team have created over 150 videos and 250 flyers including dynamic flyers since the inception of the Expo. In recognition of the challenging economic climate, a generous 15% early bird discount was extended to support exhibitors.

Notably, MOU Signing Ceremony with the Karachi Chapter of Pakistan HVACR Society and ASHRAE Pakistan Chapter for the Conference. Additionally, the Expo fostered fruitful collaborations through MOUs and meetings with prestigious chambers and associations such as ABAD, Islamic Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture; KCCI; EDB; IAP; RCCI; and PSPP. The Expo’s Organizing Committee made a dynamic presence at other expos and events, effectively representing the Expo’s values.

The Expo even extended its reach to international platforms, advertising at the China International Air Conditioning, Heating, Ventilation, Refrigeration, and Cold Chain Expo (RACC NingBo 2023). Additionally, standees at the passenger lounge and counter were made available to welcome esteemed guests at the Jinnah International Airport Karachi.

Showcased premium exhibitors through captivating video presentations, and strategically placed outdoor advertisements at various locations. The Expo has prepared detailed 3D layouts of the conference and Expo ambiance. The comprehensive experience is further highlighted through the production of an exhibition catalogue/directory. Attendees can also enjoy executive networking dinners and a farewell dinner with a social night. Under Saad Khan’s leadership, the 28th Pakistan HVACR International Expo & Conference 2023 promises to be an unparalleled platform for industry professionals, exhibitors, sponsors, and students. With a focus on innovation, collaboration, and growth, the Expo aims to shape the future of the HVACR industry in Pakistan and beyond.