IMS Engineering offers indiginious automation solutions

Zaheer Uddin, General Manager IMS Engineering talks to Engineering Post

IMS Engineering was founded in 1995 as the first company to start the Building Management System business in Pakistan. After their successful boost in the automation market in Pakistan, the company also widen the business in the fields of power and electric by the formation of IMS power and IMS electric respectively.

Engineering Post talked to the General Manager of IMS Engineering, Mr. Zaheer Uddin, who during the conversation, explained the aims and goals of the company and their focus on general improvement of the product considering the current market conditions. He said “keeping in view the problems that Pakistani market is currently facing regarding economical under development and hindrances in imports, IMS has decided to shift to total local manufacturing as a means to promote the statement of ‘made in Pakistan’. The systems and processes have already been finalized regarding local manufacturing of VAV Boxes and all the other equipment that was previously being imported from outside Pakistan “.

On a question regarding the changes in quality of their products due to change in manufacturing setup, Mr. Zaheer replied “with the current economic conditions and unhealthy fluctuations in US dollar prices, the only way for a sustainable business to be maintained is to rely upon local manufacturing which is a step that IMS has already taken as the product lines have been ordered. All the manufacturing taking place locally will be certified by foreign principals. IMS has been able to become one of the largest group of manufacturing services due to their extreme focus on the quality and reliability of the product and the company will make sure that these locally manufactured products will maintain the same quality standards as the company has already been providing”.

While explaining about introducing new and better technology in the automation business, Mr Zaheer stated “we are trying our best to keep up with the technology of the world as IMS has started to focus more on IOT systems. Different types of low and medium voltage panels are being introduced in the market which can compete on price and quality. We have prepared a demo where BMS and LT/MCC are combined into one panel. That is the switch gear is factory fitted with BMS. And shall be offered as part of FAT. Not only it will be less expensive but also will provide minimal field work at site. Maybe few field connections and one IP connection.

A power monitoring software is also being implemented to monitor and control the usage of energy which will ultimately serve as means of saving energy effectively

Mr. Zaheer also highlighted the upcoming 28th HVACR international expo will be an extremely important for the industry and academia in terms of their newly introduced manufacturing strategy and technological advances that the company is looking forward to. He said that HVACR has always provided the biggest and most solid platform for all the related companies and manufacturers to put themselves forward as it collects consumers, manufacturers, consultants and different qualities of products under one roof. In the end, he said that IMS has always prioritized the satisfaction of their customers and the company is always available for their customers. He aims to see IMS electric become the largest automation manufacturing group in the country within the next five years.