Two Industries and Production Division projects are likely to be completed in delayed manner

Engineering Post Report

Two projects of the Industries and Production Division of the Federal Government are likely to be completed during the ongoing financial year in a  delayed manner due to slow rate of implementation  and poor funding. 

First Phase of Establishing 1000 Industrial Stitching Units all  over  Pakistan is expected to be completed by June 2024 after remaining under implementation for five years at an estimated cost of  350.545 million.

The project was approved by the Central Development Working Party (CDWP) in January 2018. for implementation in a phased manner at an estimated cost of Rs  350.546 million  involving no foreign aid. Till  end June 2023, only Rs  184.401 million were reported to have been extended and throw-forward of R 166.144 millions  was allocated  under PSDP for current financial year apparently for  ensuring completion of the project.

Another project ” SME Business Facilitation  Center at Multan” was approved by the Departmental Development  Working Party (DDWP)  in April 2017  at a cost of  Rs 89.990 million . Till end June 2023, only Rs 36.880 million had been utilized and a throw-forward of Rs 23.010 million was provided fully in PSDP 2023-24 for ensuring completion of the  rather somewhat small  project by end June 2024 in seven years..

This is only just one example of how development projects  in different sectors are executed in a very slow manner apparently due to lesser  importance , low funding and slow implementation  by the executing agencies. 

These two projects are among 14 undergoing projects of the Industries and Production Division and from the pace of implementation and allocation of funds under the Public Sector Development  Programme (PSDP) one can easily ascertain the bitter fact  that nobody seems to speedily execute these projects. Details of these remaining ongoing projects will be mentioned here some other time, please. Under the PSDP 2023-24, the industrial and Production Division was allocated  Rs 2900.000 million for all the 14 ongoing projects  estimated to cost Rs 18039.483 million with no foreign aid.