A look at Science and Technology sector

Engineering Post Report

Science, Technology and Innovation (STI)  is globally recognized as the linchpin of societal development and economic growth. Recent   developments at the international level  have reaffirmed  the significance of STI for its  far-reaching  dividends. The Government of Pakistan is cognizant of of the importance of STI  and has rightly  played the idea of a “knowledge economy” at the heart of its national development  agenda which is impressively  indicative through National Science. Technology and Innovation Policy 2022.

The Federal Ministry of Science and Technology (MoST) has been functioning since 1972. It is the national focal point  and enabling arm  of the Pakistan Government for planning, coordinating and  directing efforts; for launching  scientific and technological programmes and projects.

Keeping in view the importance attached by the federal government to STI, MoST through its  15 Research and development Organizations has diverted its efforts and resources towards demand-driven Research & Development ( R & D) and implementation of  of projects  having important impact economically.

The Ministry suggests technological  development for higher growth rates from the areas of  industrial development to   renewable energy and rural development and for improving standards of living.

Its principal focus was on building Pakistan’s  technological  competence  in the 21st  century as we  enter new  markets, developing a larger pool of  human resources to reverse brain drain, and integrating   the existing  technological  infrastructure  for strengthening of technology  institutions, effective governance of Scientific and Technology Research, and enhancing the capacity  of  indigenous innovation to encourage system to promote “Made in Pakistan”. Outreach efforts were also being  made to encourage  local  industries  to  adopt  indigenous  technologies  and processes and become technologically advanced and sustainable  over a period for achieving  knowledge-based  economic development .   A pe4formance review of STI will be  presented in the next issue, please.