Turkey offers support for establishing Tram service at Karachi

Turkish Consul General Tolga Ucak held a meeting with the Administrator Karachi Iftikhar Ali Shallwani at the Karachi Metropolitan Corporation office. During the event he offered his country’s support for the establishment of tram service at Karachi’s MA Jinnah Road and II Chandigarh Road. Turkish Consulate’s Eyyub Yildirim was also present on the occasion.

Shallwani said that keeping in view the need to bring in cheaper and faster transport system, they both agreed to introduce tram service at Karachi’s two busiest arteries MA Jinnah Road and II Chandigarh Road. He said that further development would be done after more consultation.

Tram service is considered as one of the most important part of mass transit across the globe as the people use it to commute, which is also fuel-saving. Turkish city Istanbul is also known for tram service and Karachi could also be desired place for the tourists owing to tram service on pattern of Istanbul.