Trina Solar Chairman Gao Jifan: Building a global PV future requires innovation and collaboration

Gao Jifan, chairman of the global PV and smart energy solutions provider Trina Solar, has used his appearance at the BloombergNEF Summit in Shanghai to tell his global peers about the way in which he sees the industry heading.

In a panel discussion at the conference, which was held from November 29 to 30, Gao talked of n-type technology trend, the high value of 210 mm n-type i-TOPCon solar cells and modules, the value of the industry chain and ecology, and the ways in which Chinese PV manufacturers can remain competitive.

Following is a summary of what Gao told the conference.

Industrial trend: Industrialization of n-type high-efficiency modules has taken shape

As the PV industry continues its path of constant upgrading, PERC is approaching the upper limits in efficiency, and the industry is showing a clear preference for n-type modules. We can say confidently that over the next three to five years the tech of n-type will supplant the p-type in the realm of high-efficiency modules. Indeed, the industrialization of n-type modules is already well and truly underway. At present, mass produced 210mm n-type cells achieve an average conversion efficiency of more than 25%, and those with a 26% rate will soon be in mass production.

This year our 210mm n-type 595W, 690W and other products have made their debut globally, with power 75W higher and LCOE 1.5% lower than those of counterparts on the market. We are likely to have modules exceeding 700W in the near future.

PV technology: Users always need to be front and center