Terasaki – The Reliable Choice for Safety and Protection

Circuit Breakers are at the core of any electrical protection system. During abnormal or short-circuit conditions, they interrupt the faulty circuit and isolate it from the healthy network. The primary function of the Switchgear is to protect equipment, systems and people from the hazards and damages caused by electrical faults.

Terasaki has been contributing to the switchgear industry for nearly a century by innovating power distribution and control technologies, with SAFETY and PROTECTION as the primary purpose of its products.

The switching mechanism in TB2 series implies direct opening action which ensures that the force applied to the toggle is transmitted directly to the contacts. Direct connection ensures that contacts move along with the toggle, avoiding any incorrect indication in case of mechanical fault. This feature complies with IEC-60204-1: Safety of machinery, stating “Measures to minimize risk in the event of failure”.

Jubilee Corporation (JC) has been an Authorized Distributor of Terasaki Circuit Breakers in Pakistan for 45 years. JC is one of the leading supplier of Low Voltage Circuit breakers to various Shopping Malls, Skyscrapers, Housing/Residential Projects, Commercial Building projects, and various Textiles, Chemical, Pumps and Pharmaceutical industries in Pakistan.

During the journey, JC pioneered the concepts of Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (1976) and Digital Air Circuit Breakers (2008), hence contributed in the growth of switchgear market of the country.

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