“Start-up company” now part of Companies Act, 2017

Total number of registered companies in all sectors increases to 187569

Engineering Post Report

Total number of registered companies working in all sectors throughout the country  registered with the  Securities and Exchange  Commission of Pakistan (SECP) following registration of another  2414 new companies in February 2023.

 The total paid up  capital (capitalization) of the companies incorporated in February 2023 was Rs 2.5 billion.

Approximately 57 per cent of the businesses were as private  limited companies, 40 per cent as single member  businesses and only 3 per cent  as limited liability partnerships., not for profit organizations and unlisted public  public companies. Furthermore, almost 99.9 per cent of the businesses were registered online. The new registered companies included four foreign companies ,94  companies were  incorporated by the foreign users  from abroad.

According to the information  available from SECP sources, the real estate  development   and  construction sector were the leading sectors with the incorporation of as many as 387 new companies followed by information technology with 335, trading with 299 and services sector with 262 companies.

Furthermore,  120 new companies  were incorporated  in the  food and beverage sector ,followed by tourism sector  118,  education sector 100 and 61 in e-commerce and engineering sectors., textiles 54 companies, corporate agricultural farming, marketing and advertisement53 each, healthcare 50, chemicals  39,  pharmaceuticals 36,  transport 36, auto and allied 31,  power generation 30, mining and quarrying  28, lodging 27,  fuel and energy 25, communications 24, cables and electrical goods 16,  broadcasting and telecasting  14, paper and board 13 and 11 new companies were registered in the arts and culture areas.

Foreign investment was reported by the investors from Afghanistan, Australia,  China,  Germany, Ireland, Japan, Kenyra, South Korea, Malaysia,  Nigeria, Singapore, Switzerland, Turkey , United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom,USA and Yemen in

56 new companies.

China was on top of the investors with investment   in 27 companies followed by  South Korea 05 companies,  the UK, the USA with 04 each, Afghanistan and Germany 03 each, Japan and  Singapore two each and another 8 companies   from other countries around the globe.