Alarming Brain Drain from Pakistan

Engineering Post Report

People belonging to different professions are quite frequently going abroad to different countries  around the globe in search of jobs suiting  their academic and professional  qualifications or even otherwise mainly due to ever increasing inflation and unemployment in the country. This was indeed quite shocking and alarming indeed to say the least.

Millions of young Pakistanis were quite worried  about the prevailing  political and economic situation  in the country in recent years.

 About 765000 skilled Pakistanis  had gone abroad in search of jobs only in 2022 , according to the reliable data available from different sources in this regard.

More than  92000 people with advanced  degrees have moved abroad to become engineers, doctors, IT specialists, accountants and associate engineers wherever they can find suitable jobs in other countries around the globe.

As many as 5534 engineers, 18000 electrical associate engineers, 2500 doctors and more than 2000 computer specialists are included. There were also 213000 drivers and 332800 workers . Available statistics show  that 736000 young Pakistanis have travelled to the Gulf countries this year, another 40000 Pakistanis have travelled to European and Asian countries.

Nearly 470000  Pakistani youth have travelled to Saudi Arabia, 119000 to Oman, 77000 to Muscat ,51634 to Qatar and 2000 to Kuwait.

According to the reports,  760000 young people from Pakistan had  left for other states in search of better employment opportunities, 625000 migrated in 2019, another 225000 left the country in 2020 and 288000 moved to different countries in 2021.

More than  92000 graduates had gone abroad in 2015 including 350000  of them trained in different vocational fields and  over 300000 youth were not yet qualified.

Given the prevailing  situation in Pakistan, it is not only very sad but worrisome  that a large number of people of varying age were unemployed . Among them are even people who were highly capable and  a few of them  even have a good education and meet all the requirements for a particular job but their  talent was going waste just because of unemployment.