TI raised serious questions on tendering process of K-IV

Transparency International – Pakistan (TI-P) has raised questions on the tendering process of multi-billion rupees Greater Karachi Bulk Water Supply Scheme known as K-IV Phase-I (260 MGD).  In accordance with a written letter to Secretary to Prime Minister, Azam Khan, the complaint about discrepancies in the tendering process has raised questions. In the recent visit of Beijing, Imran Khan, Prime Minister held meeting with Chairmen of China Energy Engineering Corporation (CEEC) and agreed to assist Pakistan in Rs 126 billion K-IV project. He also offered to assist Wapda in execution of project under CPEC terms, including the technical assistance and financial arrangements of the project. However, the Wapda, hurriedly and against PPRA Rule 2004, instead of inviting open international bids, in violation of Rule No. 12 & 13, which allows 30 days for international bidding, in first week of February 2022, in violation of PPRA Rule 2004, asked four State Owned Companies to send their quotations for Rs 126 Billion K-IV project, by February 21, 2022. TI-P maintains that no construction company in world can prepare its tender comprising of over 500 BOQ items in 16/18 days, unless the details have already been provided to the pre-selected company months ahead. TI-P has requested Prime Minister to inquire about facts and direct the concerned authorities to expedite the completion of K-IV in next 18 months without any violation of public procurement rules.