Govt to sign agreement with Dhabi group for Mubarak Center construction

The government has decided to resume the construction of Mubarak center with the assistance of Dhabi group.

Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has a 3 day trip planned for Dubai where he will attend the agreement-signing ceremony between the Punjab government and the Dhabi Group to resume the construction of the Mubarak Center. The CM would also hold meetings with senior officials of the Dhabi Group.

During a recent meeting while reviewing the agreement to be signed with the Dhabi Group the CM said that this investment would be given full protection in Punjab and the Mubarak Centre would promote trade and economic activities in the region.

The Mubarak Centre was the proposed mixed-use complex for which site preparation works began in Lahore in 2007 but was later postponed in 2009. The complex was to include office and residential towers, as well as conference rooms and a shopping center. Once completed, Mubarak Tower 1 was to be the tallest building in Pakistan. The heights of the building would be visible from neighboring India, and would allow residents of the upper floors views of the Golden Temple in Amritsar (approximately 50 km away) on clear days. The complex will have 5 towers, a shopping center and conference rooms.