TI-P demands action against Chairman WAPDA

Transparency International- Pakistan (TI-P) has claimed that the current Chairman Wapda, Lt. General Muzammil Hussain (retired) has caused loss to the organisation amounting to Billions.

TI-P says that due the over ambitious premature inauguration of Tarbela 4th extension project the company had to face massive loss because it was not successful and caused damages worth millions of dollars.

Pursuing their demands the TI-P TI-P has written a letter to Secretary Ministry of Water Resources, Dr. Shahzad Khan Bangash, copies of which have been sent to Secretary to PM, Azam Khan, Chairman NAB, Auditor General Pakistan (AGP) and Registrar Supreme Court of Pakistan.

According to a high-level Investigation Committee (IC) which looked into the premature inauguration (i) a decision on “premature” inauguration was taken at the level of Chairman Wapda “without consultation” of Member (Power), Advisor on project, Chief Engineer (O&M) and Project Officer; (ii) the decision of Chairman Wapda resulted in a “loss of $ 753.7 million”; and (iii) investigation report asked Ministry for Water Resources for a detailed performance audit by AGP within 60 days i.e. by May 22, 2019 and forensic audit by third party of international repute with no interest in Wapda to ascertain losses and enabling NAB and FIA to investigate the matter to fix responsibility and initiate “criminal” proceedings.