Gas allocated for Energas and Tabeer energy

Gas companies have shown their agreement to provide gas capacity to the two gas companies Energas and Tabeer Energy.

Recently the two companies had been directed by SSGC to provide proper data to SSGC regarding their required pipeline capacity. In the start of June 2021 SSGC had told OGRA about pipeline capacity availability for 44 MMCFD from their side for provision to the gas companies. SSGC had later apprised OGRA of pipeline capacity availability for 150 MMCFD in SSGC’s transmission network available for allocation to Tabeer Energy. Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) later said that it is willing to allocate minimum of 75-100 mmcfd pipeline capacity to each of the terminal developers in line with Gas Third Party Access Rules, 2018 and Pakistan Gas Network Code.

According to the recommendations made by the Cabinet Committee on Energy (CCoE) OGRA shall provide spare pipeline capacity for a short term. When the North-South pipeline is completed, and further expansion as the PQA-Pakland route is made, there shall be sufficient pipeline capacity to cater to all, and at such time OGRA can do allocation on a longer-term basis, as needed, as per Rules.