Thriving industries make for a thriving country

Mr. Mubashir Shahid, Director Shahid International share his views

As the industries of Pakistan start getting back on track slowly after the lifting of COVID-19 lockdown, the scenario of businesses seem to be improving every day. Mr. Mubashir Shahid, Director Shahid International, one of the largest importer and distributor of electrical equipment, during an exclusive interview with Engineering Post said that with new projects coming in the market every day the market conditions are getting better. “It is true that some of these projects are a result of backlog created during the time of lockdown as imports had stopped for 3 months and everything had come to a halt. But now many new projects which will have long term effects for the industry and the economy are being initiated which is providing a positive outlook for the future.”

Shahid International is the authorized importer distributor of well-established international brands of electrical equipment. Due to their adherence to quality and original products they have obtained departmental approvals from WAPDA/NTDC, NESPAK, C&W, PAKISTAN RAILWAYS, PAK PWD and DHA.

There is no doubt in the fact that the economy of a country can only progress only if the industries are progressing. During the lockdown period only the pharmaceutical industry thrived while the whole country was locked down. Now after the lockdown is over. government is giving subsidies to other industries as well including construction and textile industry. Many industries have started expansion gearing up for the increased demand of the future. “This is a slow process but we can see that things are moving towards betterment,” he said.

While commenting on the effect of current market conditions on the preferences of customers Mr. Mubashir Shahid said “As buying power of the customer decreases they stop looking for quality products and opt for cheaper options of substandard quality. So the need is to take a holistic approach towards the betterment of economy,” While answering a question about starting local manufacturing of the imported circuit breakers, he said that his company is working on a feasibility study to initiate a project of this kind in the future. “Basically at this time the market volume is very small which makes setting up a manufacturing plant more expensive than import. This also discourages the international supplier because it means small customer rate after adherence to enormous number of prerequisites as well as investment.”

 During the conversation he divulged that the instability of the currency and market fluctuations sometimes leads to so much difference that the customer goes for local product. “I agree that the currency was kept stable during the three months of lockdown but during that time no payments were made and no imports were initiated so all in all it had no effect whatsoever. Now when the imports have started again the currency has started to fluctuate,” he said. While suggesting a solution for this dilemma he said “The ideal solution for this is that all the bulk orders of products should be negotiated in dollar terms. So the fluctuation of Rupee does not have a significant affect the importer. But the client now a days is smart and offers such prerequisites that bind the supplier,”

During the exclusive interview with Engineering Post, Mr Mubashir Shahid explained why the industry needs to be strengthened on priority basis. “As an industry starts thriving all the allied industries start working as well. In Pakistan the construction industry is being given subsidies as well as incentives. This will be beneficial for more than 50 allied industries. The government needs to focus on resolving the core issues which are hindering progress,” he said. Mr Mubashir Shahid also said that with the pace of industries post COVID-19 lockdown, the market is getting good vibes and they are expecting a very good future if it continues at this pace.