The Youngest Pakistani to be a part of Google Developer Expert program Emad Ehsan Talks to Engineering Post

Emad Ehsan is living proof that Pakistani youth is brimming with talent, only requiring a nudge in the right direction. This bright young man from Bhakkar District is only 23 years old and has already been accredited by Google as a Google Developers Expert (GDE) making him the youngest GDE from Pakistan. Emad is Co-founder of Traverous – a travel journal app for travelers – that enables them to revisit and share travel experiences. Even after achieving so much at such a young age his humility and modesty knows no bounds. Engineering Post had a brief discussion with the gentlemen and being shared for the
Q: Emad tell us a little about yourself.
A: Salam! Thank you for having me. I am Emad Ehsan, Co-founder and CTO of Traverous. I was born and raised in Bhakkar, which is still my home. I attended college at Govt. College Bhakkar and went to National University of Science and Technology (NUST) Islamabad for BE Software Engineering.
Q: Please tell us about the Google Developers Expert programme
A: Well Google has an initiative, Google Developer Expert (GDE) Program where they facilitate and recognize those individuals who have contributions to the Tech Community. These contributions include helping new people adapt to the latest technologies, teaching them how to code and simplifying newer advancements in the technology through talks, training workshops, blog posts, or Software projects.
Q: How did you become eligible for this program?
A: I have had many contributions in the Tech Community in the past. My contributions have helped more than 2 hundred thousand developers globally. One of my repositories “Thal” made it to the global top trending on GitHub. It is basically a Software Project on top of Google Puppeteer a tool for Google Chrome.
Q: So Emad What are your plans for the future?
A: I am currently working on my company Traverous which I co-founded with my friend Qandeel Abbassi. Thousands of travelers around the globe are using Traverous to preserve their precious memories. We are constantly improving Traverous app and website to provide the best customer experience
Q: What is this app about?
A: Traverous is a travel journal or travel diary app. It makes it super easy to capture, revisit and share travel memories. You just log your trip on the app, and it will create a bird’s-eye view video of your trip at the end. The best part is, it works offline. Meet travelers from all around the world at

Q: What message do you have for the aspiring software engineers and the youth of Pakistan?
A: There is no alternate for hard work. You can survive with mediocrity. But you can only thrive through commitment and hard work. Be smart as well! You don’t need a degree or recognition like GDE to prove your competence. Your work should speak for itself.
Q: Words that you live by?
A: Be extra competitive. There is no place for mediocrity.