The silver lining of COVID-19

The silver lining of COVID-19 | An opportunity for local manufacturers to shine

COVID-19 has affected the whole world equally shutting down businesses and pushing economies to a grinding halt. The whole world is sitting ducks against this novel disease that no one had encountered before.

But as the situation slowly improves it might turn into an opportunity of a lifetime for the local engineering, manufacturers and national businesses.

Senior market analysts of engineering community are of the opinion that the post COVID-19 conditions will be perfect for the local business to shine. With oil prices extremely low and imports trickling down to zero a vacuum has been created in the market which needs to be filled by the local vendors.

This is the right time to provide “Made in Pakistan” products to the people and swipe them off their feet with cheap rates and high quality. This might be the perfect opportunity to establish market for locally manufactured products.

“Although businesses have been affected by COVID-19, but as the lockdown eases across the country and day to day business activities resume there will be an extremely high demand of local products in the market” said experts while commenting on the situation.

Engineering Community can play vital role in developing and offering cheap and quality solutions to the markets and to change the trends using imported raw material.