Testing of Thar blendid coal might lead to temporary forced outages

The proposed testing for blending of Thar coal with imported coal at coal fired power plant of Port Qasim Electric Power Co. Ltd (PQEPCL) might lead to forced outages for the people. In this regard the representatives of PQEPCL have highlighted that the testing can started after the completion of ongoing scheduled maintenance till December 19, 2022.

Furthermore PQEPCL has also highlighted issues affecting the plant operation such as coal bunker chocking and spontaneous combustion of Thar coal; and requested necessary support from all government entities, regarding compensation in forced outages, in case of any foreseen events which may cause load reduction due to blending.

For the provision of coal to PQEPCL SECMC noted that they can provide up to 50,000 tons per month for testing on 10 days’ notice at mine mouth; however, transportation of coal to project site will be the responsibility of PQEPCL. In this regard PQEPCL has been advised to contact Lucky Electric for tansport of Coal from Thar.

A technical feasibility study was conducted by M/s Fitchner GmbH & Co. KG on conversion of three imported coal power plants, which was shared with all three IPPs including Port Qasim Electric Power Co. Ltd. In response to that study Port Qasim Electric Power Co. Ltd (PQEPCL) conducted an independent in-house study by their design institute, which suggested/ proposed to start on-site testing of 10% Thar coal blending with imported coal as a first step.