Tendering process for regional grid (phase-II), Gilgit Baltistan put in doubt

The tendering process for the regional grid (phase-II), Gilgit Baltistan had recently been completed. Now a Chinese firm Harbin Electric (HE) International Co. Ltd has questioned the integrity of the process in a letter to concerned authorities.

The company’s Chief Representative, Chen Ruiwu has penned down a letter stating that technical bids of both participants were completed in just a month, adding that it is quite strange how such a large project’s bid can be evaluated in just a month’s time.

In the letter it was pointed out that both participating local companies have zero prior experience with the construction of grid stations and transmission lines in Pakistan or abroad but still they have been allowed to build the backbone power T&D infrastructure of the Gilgit-Baltistan region. In their hand lie the fate of many hydropower projects ongoing are relying on this project.

Moreover both companies do not have valid registration with the Government of Pakistan, PEC, SECP and/or WAPDA and Discos in the relevant category of construction of grid stations and transmission lines.

While further explaining the peculiarities of the matter the letter stated that it is strange that bid security of only Rs 80 million was required whereas both financial offers submitted by both the firms surpassed Rs 10 billion value. Bid security is at least 2% of the project value to protect the interest of the employer and government body financing the project.