Tariff of Rs11.97 per unit approved for winter


Govt encourages maximum usage of electricity

The Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) approved flat tariff regime at Rs11.97 per unit for electricity consumers of domestic, commercial and industrial sectors using ToD (Time of Day) meters for four months of winter season to be effective from November 1, 2019 to end February 2020.

The domestic consumers with ToD meters, at present, pay electricity tariff at Rs21 per unit during peak hours (6pm to 10pm or 7pm to 11pm) and Rs18 per unit during off peak hours (11pm to 6m). Similarly, the commercial consumers having ToD meters at present pay the tariff of Rs18 per unit during peak hours and Rs16 per unit during off-peak hours. Now they will be paying flat tariff at Rs11.97 per unit all the time.

So basically the government is going, to abandon ‘electricity save policy’ and encourage the use of electricity at the maximum during winter season. Since there is too much electricity in the system and during the peak of summer season, the electricity consumption increases to over 25000MW but in winter season electricity consumption massively tumbles to 12000-14000MW and at time it further decreases to 9000MW.