Strong technical team and high quality products driving A to Zee towards success

A to Zee Switchgear Engineering (SMC-Pvt) Ltd., under the leadership of CEO Mr Jawed Zaman Khan, is a prominent player in the manufacturing industry, operating two manufacturing units in Korangi and Port Qasim, respectively. While the Korangi unit serves as the company’s primary facility, the Port Qasim unit, being relatively new and spacious, offers enhanced capabilities and efficiency.

Dedicated to delivering superior quality panels, A to Zee Switchgear is committed to continuous improvement, evident in their relentless efforts to elevate manufacturing standards each day. During a recent exclusive conversation with Engineering Post Mr. Jawed Zaman Khan said “Ensuring the highest standards of quality across our product lineup is paramount for us at A to Zee Switchgear. We strive to exceed industry benchmarks and deliver panels that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our customers. Our investment in advanced manufacturing techniques and materials underscores our unwavering commitment to delivering superior products.”

“With imports restrictions removed and industries gearing up for revival we have started to maintain increased stock levels to cater to the potential needs of the industry,” he said.

To meet the escalating demand and further bolster their production capacity, A to Zee Switchgear is actively expanding its manufacturing capabilities and upgrading its machinery. A significant milestone in their pursuit of innovation is the imminent adoption of busway technology, a cutting-edge solution acquired from China. Mr Jawed Zaman Khan, CEO of A to Zee Switchgear, expressed his enthusiasm about the company’s adoption of busway technology, stating, “Integrating busway technology into our manufacturing processes represents a significant step forward for A to Zee Switchgear.

Recognizing the importance of a skilled workforce, the company has recently on boarded a team of highly proficient engineers, enhancing their technical expertise and contributing to overall operational efficiency. Additionally, A to Zee Switchgear acknowledges the invaluable support and guidance provided by Schneider Electric, whose assistance has been instrumental in augmenting the company’s technical prowess.

Specializing in the production of low voltage switchgear, A to Zee Switchgear has garnered a reputation for excellence in the industry. The Company has been manufacturing low voltage type tested enclosures BlokSeT and Prisma P & Prisma G with the collaboration of Schneider Electric, showcasing a strategic expansion of their product portfolio. This strategic expansion of their product portfolio underscores their commitment to meeting evolving customer needs. Mr. Jawed highlighted the importance of collaboration with Schneider Electric in driving quality improvement initiatives, stating, “Our partnership with Schneider Electric has been instrumental in enhancing the quality and performance of our panels. By leveraging Schneider Electric’s expertise and resources, we have access to cutting-edge technologies and best practices that enable us to deliver best-in-class solutions to our customers.”

Exciting developments are on the horizon for A to Zee Switchgear, with plans underway to launch a new panel, further elevating their manufacturing capabilities. Additionally, the company has diversified its offerings by venturing into medium voltage switchgear production, thereby expanding its market reach and catering to a broader spectrum of industries.