South African Lab confirms Thar coal’s viability for gasification

A report from the South African laboratory has claimed that the chemical
composition of Thar coal is extremely viable for Gasification as well as conversion
into liquid and Urea.
Coal samples were collected from Thar and sent to South Africa through an ADP
scheme “Pre Investment study- Coal to Gas, Coal to Liquid and Urea”. The project
was initiated by the Sindh Coal Authority (SCA), Energy Department, Government
of Sindh to evaluate the viability of Thar indigenous coal for its conversion to gas,
liquid and urea.
According to the report, the ash content in Thar coal is average around 18% and
suitable for gasification. The CO2 reactivity is high and typical of lignite coal. The
Fischer Assay resulted in high tar yields of >20 mass% (air dried basis).
As per the report, the sulphur content is higher than expected, but not a concern
from a gasification point of view. The ash flow temperatures are around 1320-
1340oC. FACTSAGETM thermodynamic equilibrium simulations predict the flow
temperature of the Pakistan coal also in the range of ±1325oC.
The studied sample was found to show relatively higher Char–CO2 gasification
reactivity compared to bituminous coals.
Unlike previous technology of underground coal gasification, the present report
endorses the surface coal gasification. According to sources, the government will
now consider a pilot project to be established at Thar to test the gasification