Solar equipment stuck at port allowed to be shifted temporarily

Model Customs Collectorate (MCC), Appraisement South, has allowed shifting of solar panel and related equipment’s consignments to CPF customs bonded warehouses or pubic bonded warehouses till the requirement of SRO 604 is not fulfilled by the importers. These consignments consist of more than 400 containers.

Consignments of solar panels, inverters and other equipment used in solar technology were previously imported on the standards and conditions specified by the government of Pakistan as per last import policy order. However, the ministry of imposed a new requirement through SRO 604/2019 on May 28, 2019 for the import of aforesaid items without any consultation with or advance intimation to the traders, customs authorities, Pakistan Standards Quality Control Authority (PSQCA) and others. Following this lack of coordination between the ministry and other government departments, large number of consignments has been released under previous order and over 400 containers of those items have arrived at the port.

Over 400 containers which arrived under previous order and were not cleared until July 4, 2019 are now stuck incurring heavy losses to the importers on account of heavy port charges and container rents, which had to be paid in foreign exchange.

Due to this situation, Chief Collector Appraisement South has ordered to stop the issuance of show-cause notices to the importers and allowed shifting of these consignments to CPF warehouses or public bonded warehouses till the requirement of SRO 604 is fulfilled by the importers or any relief in this regard is announced by the ministry of commerce.