Enjoying huge success in short span,

SILK ENGINEERING as an engineering based firm founded in year 2011 by Syed Rehan Ullah with helping hand of Syed Farhan Ullah, is the sister concern of M/s FERHAN MECHANICAL WORKS founded in year 1984 by Syed Fasih Ullah, dealing in supply of Electrical Goods i.e LV Switch Gear (Contactors, Overload relays, MCCB, ACB, Power Factor Capacitors, Fuse Disconnectors, Load Break & Change over switches etc). SILK ENGINEERING specializes in designing, supplying, installing, testing and commissioning of complete compact sandwich type Bus Way System and complete Industrial and Commercial Lighting System.

SILK ENGINEERING also has channel partner GS ENGINEERING for (Punjab and KPK region), We are having strength of 12 Engineers, 9 administrative staff and 25 services staff.

Ferhan Mechanical Works is fabricating the High Mast Towers and Street Light Poles since 1987 & providing the contracting services Electrical & Mechanical Works in different Organization, Institution and Firms.

SILK ENGINEERING is authorize dealer / distributor of:

M/s NOARK ELCTRIC (European brand) specializes in the production for M1 & M2 Market, for Low Voltage Components.

M/s SY (German Technology) for Power Factor Capacitors, Reactors and Auxiliary Components for Power Factor Correction and the Entire Power Factor Improvement Panel with design facility.

M/s Power Bar (Ireland) for Power Bus Bar (building technology) and low voltage bus bar trunking system

M/s CoreShine Lighting for Linear LED lighting solutions has performed lot of Industrial and Commercial projects with the same product.

M/s NAXSO (Italy) for Lighting Bus Bar (building technology).

M/s GRL (China) for fuse disconnectors, Control Switches, Load Break Switch & Isolation Switch.

M/s ELTAS (Turkish) for Oiled Filled Transformer & Dry Type Transformer.

We are approved channel partners of:

M/s JOM Lighting for Indoor LED lighting solutions.

M/s Ferhan Mechanical Works are locally fabricating and installing with complete solution Flood Light High Mast & Street Light Poles and etc. with the strength of 2 Engineers, 1 foreman, 1 leadsman, 5 technicians and 8 skilled labours.

M/s Ningbo Liaoyuan Lighting for imported Flood Light High Mast & Street Light Poles with LED Street and Flood Lights in replacement of conventional lighting to save 40% electricity complete in all respect.

Mr. Syed Rehanullah, while talking to Engineering Post said that they Alhamdulillah had done all this with the support of valued Consultants and Clients. Fortunately due to increase in the responsibilities, we tried to share work load with new experienced representative who had been working with us from July 2015 to November 2016 and are now no more an active part of our firm from November 2016 and had left a bad impression for our firm. Because of this, we have changed our office in bigger capacity with different address and with all previous experience and under training Engineering Staff. We have again established our firm with full strength. This pushed us to reorganize our firm and forced us to restart with our new introduction to the Clients and Consultants because of the negative marketing during the period we had suffered.

The mentioned brands can only be deal by us and our approved channel partner GS ENGINEERING in all relevant sectors.

We delayed this because we were giving priority to marketing and promoting our brands with our window to gain the trust of our valued client.

In the current condition, we would like to gain the trust of our valued Consultants and Clients by sharing our internal conditions of Company and the situations through which we had passed by considering all Customers as one of our partner.

In future, we will try our best to deliver best product with best services to have good business relationship with our Clients.

I am really very thankful to all Consultants, Clients and Customers who gave us breakthrough in starting of our business by giving us projects. We shall never forget the support for project

IBA Sukkur, Eleken associates, Powerbar busway system, Pakitex board, Noark components, Imtiaz super store, coreshine and many other clients.

Furthermore all the Consultant including KPA consulting, Advance Engineering Associates, UESI, HALCROW, NESPAK, EA CONSULTING, AYUB ASSOCIATES and others who are giving us chances to promote and install our folio product in different sectors.

We believe in to give chance to the new engineers for training through our firm by giving them authorities of decisions with the suggestions of senior engineers to build up the confidence level for market.

It is my pray that may Allah give a lot of success and calmness to those who are sincere with their work and never laid down the trust of others and also keep their directions on right path.

Syed Rehan Ullah (TEAM HEAD)