Signify Pakistan and Nizam Bijli providing Solar lighting systems to schools

The Pakistan chapter of Signify, the world leader in lighting, has announced that it will provide solar lighting systems to 5 schools in Umer Kot, Sindh. Through this project Signify Pakistan aims to improve learning opportunities for young people in off-grid communities by providing sustainable access to light to communities that are underserved by electricity.

Asad Jafar, Country Leader Signify Pakistan said that they have partnered up with Nizam Bijli to provide solar lighting systems to off grid communities which are safer, cleaner and have no recurring fuel costs as compared to traditional kerosene lamps.

Employee volunteering and giving Signify also has its own year-round corporate social responsibility programme, promoting employee volunteering and employee giving through locally relevant initiatives. In April 2019, thirty Signify Pakistan volunteers delivered lessons on energy efficiency and its potential as a climate change mitigator reaching out to 1,000 students.