Sigma Engineering wins “Sales Excellence Award” for third consecutive year from Schneider Electric

Sigma Engineering Services has been successfully providing reliable engineering and automation solutions to their clients since 1992. In the current era under the leadership of Mr. Asif Malik, CEO Sigma Engineering, the company has been continuing to be the providers of one of the most positive transitions in the market. Sigma Engineering is honoured with the “2022 Sales Excellence Award” for the third time in a row by the Schneider Electric Pakistan. Sigma Engineering topped the fleet with maximum sales in 2022. Mr. Asif Malik while talking to Engineering Post told that he is really pleased to receive such accomplishment and stated that Sigma Engineering Services has been able to set e record of receiving the award three times in a row. He offered his deep appreciations to his teammates and every member involved that had a hand in helping the company gain this achievement.

He highlighted that Schneider Electric is affiliated with several distributors that are good in terms of their experience levels in the market and said that he was extremely glad to have been the one who received this award yet again despite the formerly stated fact. He said that he would especially like to thank all his customers for their utmost support and trust in Sigma Engineering. “Our customers have been the most significant part of our journey and I would like to thank them for continuously trusting and doing business with us and helping us achieve such milestones”.

He also informed that this award has not only been one of the greatest achievements of our company but has also been one of the most prominent factors in boosting and uplifting us as a group to work even harder and complete even bigger goals for our future. He also accepted that the year 2023 is not expected to be an easy one for the business community but Sigma Engineering is completely prepared for all the upcoming challenges and hurdles.

Mr. Asif Malik said that he was pleased to inform that Sigma Engineering are the most primary distributors for Schneider Electric and he expressed his sincere gratifications towards Mr. Humayun Akhlaq, Country Head Schneider Electric, who brought the most innovative policies of Schneider Electric to Pakistan and strengthened the market.

Mr. Asif Malik told that considering the importance of digitalization in the market, Sigma engineering has been experimenting the online working systems and the company has successfully introduced online android application “sigmashop”, and a website where all the retail products are available for online sale. Sigma is also collaborating with a Turkish company, T-soft, in cooperation with Schneider Electric, in order to develop their online systems further and work according to the needs of the digital customers to make the online business as simple for them as possible.

He stated that keeping in consideration the demand and requirement of solar energy in Pakistan, Sigma Engineering is also looking forward to work with Schneider Electric sustainable access to solar energy plan across the country, from solar lanterns and home electrification system. He said that the hopes that if they keep working with such dedication and hard work, Sigma Engineering may win the next time as well.