Lovato Soft Starters – Simple, Efficient, and Safe Motor Control

Jubilee Corporation (JC) and Lovato Electric have been working together for almost 3 decades. As the authorized distributor of Lovato Electric in Pakistan, JC offers a comprehensive solution for energy management and monitoring, control, and optimization of energy consumption. Together, JC and Lovato have established strong footprints in the industrial and commercial sectors of Pakistan.

Lovato Electric offers a specialized range of motor starting solutions. The complete range is designed to provide a smooth and controlled acceleration of motors, reducing the mechanical and electrical stress on the system and extending the lifespan of the motor.

The range of soft starters is available in multiple series (ADXN, ADXL & 51ADX), each designed to meet the specific needs and applications of the user. The ADXN range is a compact and easy-to-configure solution with NFC. Their versatility (basic & advanced versions) makes them adaptable to a variety of applications. (e.g., pumps, fans, etc.) The ADXL range is equipped with integrated Protections, LCD, and NFC connectivity, designed for applications with high inrush currents, and offers advanced features and capabilities. The 51ADX range is a high-performance option for heavy-duty industrial applications, offering robust and reliable performance with a focus on energy efficiency and network integration.

Each series of Lovato soft starters offers varying levels of protection, control, and communication options, ensuring that customers can find the perfect fit for their specific application.

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