Shahid International introduces world class Automation Products

Shahid International has introduced some new and elite wiring products to offer much better home and office automation facilities. These products are manufactured by world renowned manufacturer LEGRAND.

Audio/video door entry system (Intercom)

The term used popularly is IOT( Internet of things) while the LEGRAND has produced ELIOT(electrical internet of things) as a much better solution compared to the conventional one. This can be used through Wi-Fi. When anybody rings your door bell you will receive a video call on your cell phone. Now you can allow or deny entry to the person.


Work Station Solutions

Electrical extensions in multisockets

Branded multi extentions with various options and for various standards in a competitive price. Specific options are also offered.

Raised access Floor systems

Different solutions for all your projects integrating raised access floor allow you to create well organised and functional offices and save time and money during installation or future reconfiguration. Soluflex low-level flooring system, Electrak busbars for power distribution or metal trunking systems for cable management under raised floors: our solutions have been designed for reliability, ease of installation and maximum flexibility.

Can be installed in concrete or raised access floors or integrated directly into the furniture (desks, meeting room tables, etc). Back Wired.

Flush Floor systems

Flush floor trunking system combines robustness and flexibility, allowing power and data distribution throughout concrete floors. The system facilitates frequent Maintenance operations or eventual changes of floor box locations. Different accessories ensure quick installation and perfect integration into the concrete floor.


It is a fix arrangement on office, desktop or on floors or any fix place.

Screed Floor systems

Metallic ducting is a quick and easy way to install power and data distribution throughout screed floors. These systems are particularly robust and are designed to support superior loads. Junction boxes and risers allow easy access when installing cables or for extensions.

Floor boxes

Internet/electricity/data cabling in the floors for malls and commercial areas is introduced which offers Simplicity and flexibility: the same lid and trim, the same socket outlets and the same wiring device supports are compatible with any type of Legrand floor systems.


Soluflex floor box tile allows installation of full backbox or modular backbox.

Minimum floor height : 90 mm.

Slim design for perfect integration into the floor or office furniture

Soft opening for enhanced comfort and safety Equipped with “push and slide” locking system to avoid accidental opening by feet.

To be equipped with Arteor socket outlets. For installation use the flush-mounting boxes for concrete floors or the kits for raised access floors.

Meeting room multi-outlet extensions with cord

Conforms to IEC 60884-1

Particularly suitable for U shape configuration for meeting rooms and aluminium body.

For connecting up to 6 devices and network or Internet access from any computer equipped with an external Wi-Fi or standard Wi-Fi compatible (Intel® Centrino) card without being connected to a Desktop units multi outlet extensions with cord.