Seminar on Battery Electric Vehicles hosted by LUMS

A seminar was organized at the Suleman Dawood School of Business (SDSB), LUMS, for the stakeholders of battery electric vehicles (BEVs). The session focused on industry readiness for manufacturing of BEVs in Pakistan, and featured the latest research and viability of the concept, in addition to addressing policy and manufacturing challenges.

The event was attended by the leading automobile manufacturers of the country, including Atlas Honda, Honda Cars, Porsche Centre Lahore, and Indus Motor Company Limited (Toyota). Other manufacturers, including Millat Equipment Limited, Treet Bikes, United Motors, Volvo-VPL, Road Prince, Sazgar Engineering Works Limited, Songuo Motors, Jolta Motors, and Power Electronics Pakistan.

The seminar was inaugurated by Dr Alnoor Bhimani, Honourary Dean, SDSB, who emphasised the need for effective policymaking and legislation to enact long term changes. Dr. Syed Zahoor Hassan then led the audience through the basics of battery electric vehicle technology and various technical details. Vehicle market segmentation and global trends in the US, Europe, and China were also discussed. Dr Saranga pointed out the massive cost of oil imports in India, and how the government has been adopting policies to promote the use of battery electric vehicles through subsidies and incentives for local manufacturers. An open discussion round catalysed the seminar, with suggestions for development of smart grids, importing cells and batteries, challenges being faced by local motor manufacturers, and levels of industrial readiness to contribute to the BEV manufacturing value chain framework.

The audience learnt that GFC Fans was ready to provide induction motors and brushless DC electric motors to local manufacturers. Sociocultural factors likely to adversely impact BEV adoption, such as the requirement for high speeds and extended travel range, were also debated. The session concluded with a demonstration of four battery electric vehicles—two motorcycles, a rickshaw, and a loader rickshaw.