Second-hand boilers

Second-hand boilers are abrasively hurting local manufacturers

The newly-appointed Chief Executive Officer (EDB), Raza Abbas Shah has hinted at a meeting about the cooperation between the Engineering Development Board (EDB) and Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (PCSIR) on quality check of imported boilers to sort out issues faced by the local manufacturers.

A delegation comprising major stakeholders of the domestic Boilers Manufacturers Association described to EDB about the issues faced by the industry regarding the imports of second-hand and non-standard boilers. On this, the Chairman Boilers Manufacturers Association, Manzar Shamim, said that the import of insufficient second-hand boilers is not only hurting local manufacturers but also adversely affecting the environment causing operational losses to consumers due to inefficient fuel consumption. The chairman stressed the need for reliable companies for both pre- and post-inspection of standards/certifications and strict enforcement of standards for safety and security to control the import of boilers in Pakistan. There should be some restrictions for the import of old boilers to ensure quality, safety, and security for end-users. Pre-shipment inspection certificate should also be examined by some local testing and standards enforcement organization since at the time of imports the certificate in the exporting country usually recommends certain refurbishments which are not carried out by the importers before bringing in the product to Pakistan. CEO-EDB requested that Boiler Manufacturers Association should submit some viable proposals to EDB so that the matter can be effectively taken up within the government for resolution of the issues.