SCS believes in continuous improvement through Training and Development

Team SCS organized a series of training sessions for the skills development. SCS believes in continuous improvement that can lead to a successful organization. Employees are the main driving force that helps the company to achieve the targets. For this purpose, SCS plan the training sessions that was conducted by Mr. Yuan Yushan from Hisense Engineer who made two sessions on Control systems and the commissioning techniques and crucial points that needs to be considered.

Another session was also conducted by the specially visited Pakistan, Mr. Stefano Di Giorgio and Mr. Lorenzo Sognini from Caleffi  valves to SCS office and gave an introductory technical meeting with the sales and application team. This training process is not just started now. Its being the essential part of this group and it’s a series of sessions that is already held in this office. One month back. Ms Maria Sadek from thermobreak conducted the introductory technical session with SCS sales and application team about the new product and the application of such different product.

SCS not only take this initiative for only own team but also conducted 3 days training session on VRF operation and maintenance with the client on three different sites. A detailed informative session leading to the certification for that session.

This process is unstoppable and more session will come in coming days with contractors and some more stake holders.