Deltek Honored as Most Valuable Player of 2022 by Reliable Controls Corporation

In a notable recognition of outstanding performance, Deltek was awarded Most Valuable Player of the Year 2022 for the Southeast Asia region. Deltek not only met but exceeded their sales targets, showcasing their exceptional dedication and prowess.

The prestigious event took place in Singapore, where Mr. Tom Zaban, President of Reliable Controls Corporation, presented the award to Mr. Noor Hussain, Director of Projects at Deltek. The shield symbolizes the commendable achievements and tireless efforts of the Deltek team.

The occasion was not only a celebration but also an opportunity for the company to reflect on their accomplishments and discuss strategies to further enhance their business operations. The emphasis on continuous improvement is a testament to Deltek’s commitment to excellence.

Reliable Controls Corporation, based in British Columbia, Canada, is renowned for its expertise in building management systems and HVAC controls. Backward compatibility, and a generous 5-year warranty, are distinguishing factors of Reliable Controls products. Their commitment to quality and reliability is reflected in their less than 0.5% return rate. These top-notch controllers are designed and produced in Canada; a country known for its excellence in engineering and manufacturing.

This recognition from Reliable Controls Corporation not only signifies Deltek’s exceptional achievements but also highlights the company’s commitment to providing high-quality solutions in the field of building management systems and HVAC controls. This award serves as a source of motivation for Deltek to continue their pursuit of excellence and innovation in the industry.