Schneider Electric Pakistan launches massive drive against fake products

To control inflow and open sales of counterfeit products in diffused markets, Schneider Electric Pakistan has launched massive drive with support of BRETA (Brandreth Road Electrical Traders Association), Brandreth Road, Lahore; considered as one of the biggest electrical market of Pakistan having 3,000 plus electrical shops.
A formal meeting was held on 21st March, 2019 with the officials of BRETA at their office at Brandreth Road, Lahore led by Mr. Mohkam Sheikh (Country President, Schneider Electric Pakistan), Syed Hassan Zia Naqvi (Manager Business Development & Marketing, Schneider Electric, Pakistan) along with representatives of Schneider Electric distributor’s i.e, The Imperial Electric Company Ltd, Sigma Engineering Services & Hameed Automation. BRETA officials were appraised with the massive malpractices of sales & supply of counterfeit / fake products in open market leading to serious threats to life, installations & properties of the consumers of such products. It was emphasized that immediate steps should be taken to curb these practices securing distributors investments, business, and Schneider Electric brand image.
BRETA chairman, Mr. Anis Iqbal Dar, senior vice-president Mr. Kashif Hameed, & general secretary Mr. Javed Iqbal ensured their full support & cooperation in this initiative of Schneider Electric which will be beneficial for both the company & the traders. Mr. Anis Iqbal confirmed that BRETA will issue and circulate a warning circular to all the retailers of Brandreth road market to immediate stop promoting, displaying and selling all such counterfeit/fake products from their outlets failing to which BRETA will not be responsible of any action taken by Schneider Electric and not provide any support to retailers involved in such business against any action taken.
Schneider Electric will also create awareness through poster pasting in the markets to curb and control promotion, display and sales of counterfeit / fake products and roll over this action to other cities as well soon.