Schneider Electric launches MCB Easy9 range in Pakistan 

The new solution provides homeowners and electricians with unparalleled design flexibility

Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, has announced the launch of Easy9 series in Pakistan.  Easy9 product is a low voltage miniature circuit breaker (MCB). The launch events for Easy9 were held in three cities Karachi, Lahore & Islamabad respectively and were full of excitement, discovery and great moments.

The Easy9MCB complements the existing premium range to meet the needs of every household, combining design flexibility, ease of installation and BS regulatory compliance.

The new Easy9 is the most flexible residential solution on the market. Compact by name and by nature, the unit maintains the range’s simplistic design at a smaller scale. The compact size provides homeowners and electricians with the ability to situate the solution wherever necessary and meet any aesthetical needs.

Kamran Sultan, Country Leader Panel Builders and Distribution at Schneider Electric, commented: “The Easy9 MCB brings elegant, customizable design to every homeowner. They no longer have to compromise on functionality and scalability due to lack of space. For electricians, the benefits are just as clear. The adaptable circuit configuration provide them with the most flexibility and dependability of any solution on the market.”

As well as providing increased location flexibility, electricians can therefore deliver circuit protection in any new build or retrofit project with minimal intrusion into living spaces. They can also be sure the solutions will meet the specifications of the home, avoiding any returns, reorders, or delays. Easy9 is compliant with IEC 60898-1 standard. This product is dedicated for residential and small commercial buildings and has a protection against short circuit and a protection of cable against overloads.