SABRO completes 50 years of glory

Sabro has successfully achieved a landmark of 50 years in Pakistan. Sabro is technological assets of Pakistan, Pioneer and leading brand in HVACR Technology, the company which introduced split AC’s to market with successful alteration of public demand from window to split AC. A Technologically diverse company which have proven itself after decades as agile manufactures in almost every form of HVACR Equipment’s, an essential concern for building projects no matter whichever field you belong either its Pharmaceutical, Food Processing, Power or even Education.
The fruit of commitment, hard work and hope enabled Sabro to be the pioneer of HVACR manufacturers in Pakistan, exporters in 22 countries including Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Siri-Lanka, Kenya, Malaysia, Morocco, Bangladesh, & Afghanistan, summing up 3 continents. Sabro is now flourishing as an Agile Manufacturer for complete range of HVACR manufacture including chillers, self-contained units, Air side equipment’s, mini split units, inverter splits, DRV Air Conditioner and menageries of customized to explicitly fulfill every HVACR requirements.
In the last five decades this company has flourished not just nationally but internationally fulfilling the needs of domestic as well as international customers. This has supported that great things take time and can happen in Pakistan too.
The leading products of golden jubilee company are; Desiccant Dehumidifier CFM (Process Air), Air Cooled/Water Cooled Screw Chiller-Flooded Type, Sabro Air Conditioner Split AC, DRV Air Conditioner, Hi-Tek Balancing etc.