S.A. Hamid & Co spearheading the IIOT in Pakistan

A conversation with Mr. Jamal Nasir, Director S.A. Hamid & Co

Pakistan is home to a large number of industries working on manufacturing local products. A lot of those industries were established a long time ago when there was little to no concept of remote monitoring and have been operating on that model since then.

Now in the era of automation and Internet of things (IOT) S.A. Hamid & Co. is offering a unique opportunity to these industries to upgrade their current setups by connecting them to the “Cloud” with minimal investment. During a recent conversation with Mr. Jamal Nasir, Director, S.A. Hamid & Co.; Engineering Post asked about the nature of services being provided by their company and he explained thoroughly. “The sector Wwe are now working in is the sector of Industrial IOT or IIOT as well. What we do isTo put it simply we basically provide solutions in such way that the owner or the management of the industry can remotely monitor and control the current working condition of their setup. From monitoring how much energy and gas is being produced to managing airflow or raw materials everything can be monitored,The biggest expenses of any industry are related to its electrical energy, steam, gas, water or air useage. Our solutions provide not only live monitoring of these utilities from across the world but also have the capability to control them as per customer requirements. Furthermore, we offer any kind of information that customer may wish to remotely monitor and control including machine status, temperature, humidity, vibration, production etc.” he said.

By using this technology the management of the company can make an informed decision about the utilisation of resources and even maintenance of machines “If a machine suddenly starts using more than normal electricity energy the company will be able to know immediately using IIOT. In fact artificial intelligence systems can be programmed to generate emails and text/whatsapp messages to the concerned staff so that they can pre-emptively plan a maintenance. The results can be extrapolated on graphs and future projections can be made as well,” he said.

This is a state of the art technology being introduced in Pakistan by S.A. Hamid & Co which is actually the 4th tier generation of industrialisation but the critical detail here is that this is not just for the new industries being established. S.A. Hamid & Co. claims that they can retrofit the equipment already operational in the industries and make it work on the platform of IIOT with minimal investment “We understand that the equipment which is operational right now was not designed to be connected to the cloud but we can install sensors and systems or retrofit the equipment in the industries in such a way that it can start providing the desired data according to the need of the client with very little investment,” he revealed. “If someone wants to monitor their airflow but does not have airflow monitor installed but wants monitor their airflow, we can provide and install the air flow  meter monitor for them. However, if they have one already installed on site we will gladly use its data to be relayed to the cloud instead of asking the customer to make an unnecessary investment.” he added.

This can be very beneficial for the clients who are interested in upgrading their industrial equipment without completely changing their equipment or injecting a lot of capital into it. Many of the aspects of IIOT service being provided by S.A. Hamid & Co are easily customisable as their software is developed by themselves “We have developed the software completely in house. In case someone wants to get something added to it for example some automation or security feature we can do it completely because we have complete customisation capability,”

S.A. Hamid & Co is an engineering  trading concern and has been serving in Pakistan for more than 3 generations and over 50 years. The company is divided into different groups units which provide multiple services including provision of Electrical panels, Automation solutions, electrical installations as well as solar installations for the clients.