Jubilee Corporation arranged series of seminars highlighting Lovato Electric Products

Jubilee Corporation holds a series of seminars highlighting the efficiency of Lovato Electric, Italy. Out of the three total seminars, two were held at Karachi and one at Lahore. Mr. Julien——- from Lovato Electric, Italy specially visited Pakistan for these seminars. The Mr. Alnoor Sheriff, Mr. Adnan Sheriff and Mr. Saqib Abbas from Jubilee Corporation including welcomed the guests. Mr. Julian Mermillion offered detailed presentations on various aspects of the Lovato Electric’s products. All three seminars were attended by large number of consultants and professionals from leading industries. The seminars were highly interactive and participants shown keen interest in Lovato Electric’s products. Epic question answer sessions at the end of the seminars were also well participated.

The participants highly lauded the efforts of Jubilee Corporation in offering best products from the world for the local industries.