Revised textile policy accepted by ECC

The revised textile and apparel policy for 2020-2025 was viewed upon by the minister of finance Shaukat Tareen during a meeting presided by him and attended by the minister of food, prime minister’s special assistant for commerce and other senior officials and representatives. The policy was put forward by the ministry of commerce after making a few necessary changes and creating and implementation report.

The power division also presented a couple of summaries which were postponed by the committee. The ministry of communication’s request to issue an SBLC against operational viability gap funding for the Sialkot motorway construction was accepted after detailed discussion. The ministry of energy had asked for a 15 years extension of the lease contract between Saindak metals Ltd. and MCC China which was approved by the committee with an advice to keep in view the financial aspect of the project on an annual basis. Technical Supplementary Grants (TSG) submitted by various ministries/divisions were also approved and discussed upon by the committee.