Ravi city project attracting huge investments

The working group of Ravi Riverfront Urban Development Authority (RUDA) has informed the Prime Minister Imran Khan that multiple international companies are interested in investing huge amounts of money in the Ravi city project Lahore.

Chinese government and companies are keen to invest $ 3 billion in the Ravi City project .This investment does not include any kind of loan.

The PM was further informed that ANGCC-a Global Investment Consortium is also interested in investing in the project. ANGCC has offered to invest $ 5 billion in the project on partnership basis.

While commenting on the incoming investments the PM said that the completion of this project would not only provide the facilities of potable water, appropriate sewerage, clean environment and modern housing to the citizens of Lahore, but also help create job opportunities and develop local and national economy, particularly the industries through huge foreign investment.