Railways earned Rs 55 billion in 8 months

Engineering Post Report

Pakistan Railways has reported to have earned Rs 55 billion during the first eight months of the ongoing financial year July 2023 to February 2024.

During the corresponding period of the last financial 2022-23, the Railways had earned Rs 37 billion thus it has appreciably earned Rs 18 billion more despite the bitter fact Railways had earned immense losses in operations and damages to its infrastructure during the monsoon season.

Presently, Railways was operating 96 passenger trains across the countries compared to a somewhat lesser number of 86 trains last year during the period under report.

Railways officials are confident that if all goes well and trains continue running smoothly as of now, Railways income may go up to around Rs 80 billion.

Pakistan Railways was in the process of implementing 28 ongoing projects in a phased manner during the current financial year for effecting infrastructure improvements and repairing sorts of huge losses caused by the floods as well as replacement and repairs of old and obsolete passenger and goods wagons coaches and bogies.