Programs offered by Pakistan’s Energy Sector

Report by Engineering Post

A number of program have been planned to be implemented for consolidation and improvement of the Energy Sector. These are either already being implemented or scheduled to be launched shortly.

An Integrated Transmission System Expansion Plan was under active consideration after being prepared by the official quarters concerned of the Federal Government. Similarly, execution of ongoing augmentation, up gradation and extension projects of grid stations and transmission lines were also being accelerated for decreasing the transmission losses and increasing the capacity of the power evacuation system in the country.

Supply of gas to Special Economic Zones (SEZ) continues to be attached top priority. Project for supplying gas to Bostan Special Economic Zone, Balochistan and BIQP Special Economic Zone Karachi was being expedited during current financial year for ensuring early completion and provision of gas to both the SEZs at the earliest to facilitate the industrial and other projects being established there.

Operationalization of the 220 KV Polan-Gabd transmission is going to ensure that the additional 100 MW electricity is supplied to the region via this line thus addressing the electricity issues of Gwadar for the next five to ten years besides allowing for the development of the port, industry and city in the region.

The Federal Government has already approved Framework Guidelines for Fast track Solar PV Initiatives under which expensive imported fossil fuel -based power plants are going to be substituted with Solar PV Energy. Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB) has already floated the Request for Proposal for 600 MW Solar Power Plant at Muzaffargarh which will quite obviously be awarded via International Competitive Bidding (ICB) for implementation under Build-Own-Operate- Transfer (BOOT) model.

Fast Track Solar PV Initiatives, 2022 also included Solar PV Generation on 11 KV Feeders and solarization of public buildings throughout the country.

Official sources on being contact have maintained that the Government of Pakistan demonstrates a steadfast commitment to fostering a conducive environment that supports cross-border cooperation and the realization of major energy infrastructure projects , exemplified by its efforts to facilitate the implementation of initiatives such as the TAPI and IPI gas pipelines.