Raees Ahmad and Brothers targeting new heights in the profession

Mr. Raees Ahmad, CEO talks to Engineering Post

Raees Ahmad Brothers is one of the most prominent names in present times that deals in construction, installation and planning for all sorts of ducting and piping systems used for commercial as well as non commercial purposes. The company has been responsible for one of the most prominent projects around the country and has been maintaining their name at the top since their start up in 1983.

Engineering Post arranged an interview with the CEO of Raees Ahmad Bros. Mr. Raees Ahmad explained the aims and goals of the company and their journey in the market so far. He stated that the company was built in 1983 and their first project was the installation of a ducting system for Abbott laboratories. Since then, they have been a helping hand in some major development projects including some big names like Star City mall, motorway projects, Agha Khan University, Metro Cash n Carry, Expo Centre Karachi, KFC and the Lavish Mall at Tariq Rd. and Teen Talwar, Karachi. The company deals in ducting, piping, grills, diffusors, cable trays and air devices for commercial and non-commercial usage.

When asked about the current market conditions and their company strategy, Mr. Raees Ahmad stated that the market has been under a lot of stress especially after the banning on imports which is why it has become an absolute necessity for the local manufacturing to be promoted and replaced with the imported products. He said that they have been giving the best of their services to their customers as an expression of success of the local manufacturing in such times and the company is looking forward for even more betterment of their overall working to keep meeting with the international standards. He said “Raees Ahmad and Brothers was presented an award by the Agha Khan University after they were given a project of reinstallation of chill water pipelines in both the boys and girls hostel of the university and were given three months for the completion of the project which, they were able to complete in less than three months. It was an absolute honour for the company to have worked for the university and to have satisifed their needs within due time”. He stated that the most challenging requirement for them has been the completion of a project in minimum time, but they have been able to deliver and install their products within, if not earlier, than the due time provided by their clients. On a question regarding their products and quality assurance, Mr. Raees Ahmad said “here at Raees Ahmad Brothers, we work purely for the love of the field. Honesty and sincerity are our main mottos and the company strives to fulfill the demands of their clients in any way possible, keeping in view the standards of superb quality that the company has been maintaining for the past three decades. We specialise in ducting and air devices and have been able to satisfy the needs of our clients anyhow possible.