Public Private Partnership Authority (P3A) Building Project Pipeline

Public Private Partnership Authority (P3A) established to facilitate and assist the federal and provincial implementing agencies in developing, structuring and procuring their infrastructure projects on public private partnership modalities, is continuously  engaged  with them for building a project pipeline.

It is pertinent to mention here  that building a project  pipeline do not mean that  all of such projects can be undertaken as P3 candidates, for which P3A was in the process of  finalizing a proper screening and appraisal mechanism  at the appropriate level  for electing the most  viable  projects which could be proceeded  with  as potential  P3 candidate projects, provided  such projects  meet the criteria and approval process provided for in P3A Act,2017 (as amended) and the regulations framed thereunder.

P3A is also entitled to provide  advisory services  to implementing  agencies  in accordance with the provisions of P3A Act (as amended) and owing to the recent amendment  in  Public Procurement Rules 2004 introduced through Rule 42(f), P3A was actively pursuing for  engaging other state-owned entities, federal as well as provincial , for providing them the financial  and legal  services for their infrastructure  projects  on payment of a fee.

The benefit of such an endeavor would be, according to the P3A sources,  two-fold; first being the implementing agencies would be developing P3 projects under the  direct advisory supervision of P3A and secondly, P3A  would be building  capacity of the implementing agencies starting from  initial screening, appraisal, preparation, procurement up to the implementation of a project. On this account, P3A was already engaged with  Baluchistan Province and Gilgit-Baltistan for helping, advising and capaciting them  for undertaking  their  various initiatives under PPP modality.