Providing original Mueller Streamline Copper Products is the target

Introduction of Mueller Streamline copper products

Mueller industrials Streamline brand changed the plumbing world forever back in 1930 with the invention of the first solder joint copper fitting. That introduction launched Streamline into a position of leadership that have been maintained for over 80 years through continuous in-line product improvements, new products introductions, and a well-earned reputation for technological innovation, superior product quality, and customer service after the sale.

Today, Streamline is the only USA made brand of both copper tube and copper fittings. Their products are precisely manufactured and tasted to industry specifications and standards. Mueller products are preferred choice of industry professionals worldwide.

Mr. Ronnie Nilsson, Director of International sales, Mueller Industries Inc.

Mueller Industries Inc and its products; Streamline® is a 100-year-old most respected US brand for copper tubes and fittings, manufactured in Fulton, Mississippi and Covington, Tennessee. It is considered respectably worldwide mainly because of the quality levels it offers. These views were shared by Mr. Ronnie Nilsson, Director of International Sales, Mueller Industries Inc., on his recent visit to Pakistan while talking to Engineering Post. Mueller copper tubes/coils and fittings are the only available “UL certified” products in the world, which are tested and certified at 700psi 48Bar operating pressure levels, in various sizes. Mueller Industries Inc. is also the only company manufacturing Copper Tubes and Fittings at its facilities in the USA.

Mr. Ronnie was on his first visit to Pakistan and was greatly astonished to find that the local market is flooded with fake and imitated Mueller Streamline products. “We have joined hands with Crescent Corporation, who are the only distributor in Pakistan to import Mueller Streamline products directly from the USA, to gain control of the local market making sure that only US Original material is delivered and used for the various HVAC/R applications as well as the higher pressure refrigerant systems”, he added.

He also showed the intentions that legal actions will be taken against those who are misleading the customers by providing them the fake products and information. “The ultimate goal of appointing Crescent Corporation as the distributors is to eliminate the confusion for the customers by providing them original products and documentation through a respectable local partner”. Mr. Ronnie commented that fake Mueller Streamline Products are with low quality/poor workmanship, and interestingly enough are being sold even at higher prices than that of the original Mueller Streamline products. “There is no Mueller China, Mueller India, and no Mueller UK; Mueller Streamline Copper Tube as per ASTM 280 Nitrogenized is produced ONLY in the USA” he further stressfully mentioned.

During his visit to Pakistan, he himself met with many leading consultants and contractors. Replying to a question he said that the response he got from the consultants was highly positive and tremendous for the Mueller Streamline products. “We need to educate the local market that finally the original Mueller Streamline products, imported directly from US, are now available here in Pakistan”, he added. He emphasized that Mueller Industries is determined to clean this mess from Pakistan market and that the seminars they arranged in the 3 major cities of Pakistan; (Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad) are an initial attempt of not only educating the market on the importance of using only high quality original products, but also, highlighting the risks with using faulty non genuine Mueller products, especially in higher pressure HVAC/R systems, which demands a higher quality product to work efficiently and long term, without any damages and risks to the systems.

Mueller is marketing its Copper products under the brand name of Streamline. While explaining the quality standards, Mr. Ronnie told that Mueller Streamline® products guarantee long term benefits and high quality assurance, confirmed by the testing data available through world renowned UL Certifications.

Commenting a question he told that Pakistan is a growing market and with a recent trend of installing VRF systems in most of the projects, he could foresee a huge demand. He mentioned that the Chinese products available in the market are may be 25% cheap but cannot provide the high quality standards, cleanliness, and specifications. “The target is to eliminate all fake Mueller products and to make Mueller Streamline brand as the Top Selling Copper brand in Pakistan in next 2 – 3 years.”, he affirmed.

Mr. Ronnie Nilsson can be reached at or on his cell number +971569230751.