Procurement of Services and Goods – ACEP to hold Symposium in March

The Association of Consulting Engineers Pakistan (ACEP), the only body of consulting profession recognized by Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) and the only member of International Federation of National Association of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC) from Pakistan, is organizing a conference early next year by the theme of “Procurement of Services and Goods”. The Conference will be held on 9 March 2019 at the Marriot Hotel Karachi. A “Call for Papers” has been issued by the ACEP seeking research papers from policy makers, regulatory bodies, governmental organizations, Consulting Engineers and senior personnel from public and private sectors who handle procurement of engineering services and goods. By organizing this conference and other similar events ACEP aims to provide a platform to the top researchers of the country so they can share their insights and knowledge with the engineering world and to promote advancement of the profession of Consulting Engineers in Pakistan, disseminate engineering knowledge amongst members, foster ethical practices in engineering services sector and promote fraternity between public and private sectors.

Some important dates for submission of papers are.
• Submission of Synopsis: January 10, 2019
• Acceptance of Synopsis: January 20, 2019
• Submission of Paper: February 20, 2019
• Submission of PowerPoint presentation: February 25, 2019

According to the rules of the conference a total of 15 – 20 minutes will be allocated to each speaker for the presentation of their paper apart from the time for Question and answers. The speakers are suggested to present their papers through Power point Presentations using as many slides suited to cover their paper within the assigned time. The papers should cover the following or any other related topic:

• Innovative and Effective Approaches in selecting Consultants
• New techniques of procurement management
• Sound Consultancy for Sound Construction
• Pitfalls in PPRA Regulations for Selection of Consultants
• Selection of Consultants – ADB Model
• Taxation on Consulting Services
• Elements of Effective RFP for Consulting Assignments
• Procurement of Goods – PPRA Regulations
• Procurement of Services & Goods – Case Study.

Submission of Synopsis
The Title and Synopsis of the paper along with the name(s), brief resume and email address of the author(s) should be sent to Engr. Khalid Pervez, Convener, Conference Committee at The submitted file can be in MS Word or PDF format.

• There will be no Symposium registration fee for the author(s). However, they’ll will make their own arrangements for air/land travel, boarding, lodging, etc.
• The presented papers could be posted, with name of author(s), on ACEP’s web site and/or any of ACEP’s official publications.