Private Power and Infrastructure Board’s working

Engineering Post Report

Private  Power and Infrastructure Board  (PPIB) acts as a one-window  facilitator/ one-stop organization  on behalf of the Government of Pakistan to promote , encourage, facilitate and safeguard private  investment in the power sector.

PPIB was able to attract leading  national as well as international  investors and lenders  to invest in the country’s power sector and has successfully managed  to induct as many as 40 independent power projects (IPPs) totaling 17550 MW  with cumulative  investment outlay of  around $ 20 billion.

During 2017-20, nine IPPs of more than  8500 MW have already been commissioned out of the target of 16600 MW by 2022.

Overall,  eleven IPPs of 9000 MW  have been commissioned  through PPIB since 2013 till-date of which around 7000 MW  have been added during 2018-19. Additionally, Matiari-Lahore Transmission Line Project is also being processed by PPIB which is set to come online by March 2021.

Inaddition to commissioned IPPs, PPIB is also handling a diversified portfolio of twenty-six (26) hydro, coal and R-LNG based power  generation projects of more than 12500 MW  and an HVDC Transmission Line Project covering the distance of around 900 kilometers between Matiari (Sindh) and Lahore (Punjab).

PPIB as the frontline institution of the Federal Government in implementing majority chunk of energy portfolio  under the flagship China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)  programme has so far  delivered magnificent results.

The portfolio of CPEC based projects  comprises of three hydropower projects  of 2714 MW, nine coal based  projects of  8220 MW  out of which four coal based of 4620 MW have sine been commissioned  including Pakistan’s  first Thar coal  based 660 MW Engro Power generation project. Similarly, another three Thar coal based projects of 1980 MW and two hydro-power projects of  1590 MW are at advance  stages of development and lined up to be completed  during 2020-2022.

From the overall portfolio of 12 power generation projects of 10934 MW under CPEC, so far, four projects of 4620 MW have already been commissioned as mentioned above which signifies that  42 per cent of the CPEC energy programme has successfully been implemented by PPIB.