President of Terasaki, Taizo Terasaki, Attends Middle East Energy Exhibition, 2023

Terasaki, a leading global brand in the manufacturing of protection and control technologies, recently participated in the Middle East Energy Exhibition in Dubai from 7th to 9th March 2023. The event provided an opportunity for Terasaki to showcase its expertise and innovative products to a wider audience. The company’s President, Taizo Terasaki, attended the exhibition to engage with customers and industry experts from around the world.

At the event, Terasaki unveiled the ‘Powering Today Connecting Tomorrow’ series of products designed to meet the growing needs of the modern world. The addition of new products to the series demonstrates the company’s continued commitment to innovation and response to the emerging demands of today’s evolving world. The new series of products are designed to offer cutting-edge performance while delivering high levels of efficiency and sustainability.

During the event, Taizo Terasaki participated in various discussions on the latest trends and developments in the industry, reaffirming Terasaki’s dedication to staying at the forefront of the industry.

Taizo Terasaki’s presence at the Middle East Energy Exhibition shows his commitment to innovation and global expansion. The event provided an ideal platform for Terasaki to showcase its innovative protection and control technologies, exchange knowledge and ideas, and explore new business partnerships.

Safety and Protection at the Core of Terasaki’s Products

Since its foundation in 1923, Terasaki has manufactured electric distribution and motor control systems, circuit breakers, and electronic devices based on electrical energy control technologies. Terasaki’s approach to providing products of the highest quality and compliance with IEC and other renowned standards has made it a trusted brand among industry professionals worldwide.

With over 90 years of manufacturing expertise, Terasaki has been contributing significantly to the industrial world by innovating protection and control technologies, keeping SAFETY and PROTECTION as the prime purpose of its products. The company’s commitment to excellence is evident in its product design and development, which prioritizes durability and reliability while minimizing the risk of accidents and downtime.

Jubilee Corporation and Terasaki: Bringing the Best in Protection and Control Technologies to Pakistan

Jubilee Corporation (JC) has been an Authorized Distributor of Terasaki in Pakistan for 45 years. With JC’s exceptional stock availability and unparalleled customer support, Jubilee Corporation is one of the leading suppliers of Low Voltage Circuit breakers to various Shopping Malls, Skyscrapers, Housing/Residential Projects, Commercial Building projects, and various Textiles, Chemical, Pumps, and Pharmaceutical industries in Pakistan.

Jubilee Corporation has a team of trained professionals knowledgeable about Terasaki’s products and can provide customers with expert advice and support. The company also offers after-sales services, including installation, maintenance, and repair.

With JC’s efforts, Terasaki has stayed the top choice for consultants, industry professionals, and other influencers in the fraternity. Jubilee Corporation’s partnership with Terasaki as an authorized distributor in Pakistan ensures that customers have access to high-quality products and services backed by the company’s commitment to quality and reliability.

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