Pogliano Busbars

A Quality Solution for Electrical Power Distribution

Pogliano, Italy, is a leading manufacturer of the Busbar Trunking System (BTS). Founded over a hundred years ago, Pogliano pioneered the Busbar Trunking System in Europe in 1943 and has set the benchmark for innovation in the electrical field of BTS.

Pogliano manufactures a comprehensive range of the busway system from 25A to 6300A in copper and aluminum. The compact size, high short-circuit strength, low impedance, low voltage drop, and good corrosion strength make the busbars suitable for installation in small spaces and difficult environments.

Jubilee Corporation (JC) has been working with Pogliano as their authorized distributor in Pakistan for the past several years. While serving Pakistan’s market, the efforts of JC engineers have already established a strong footprint of Pogliano busways in the country.

The process starts with the team conducting a thorough site visit and evaluating the area where the busbars need to be installed. Based on the site evaluation, the team uses engineering software to design full 3D routes for the busbars. Once the design engineers approve the proposal,  the team begins with the order processing, followed by the installation. After the installation, the team uses insulation testers to conduct a series of tests for all the delivered parts of the BTS. Lastly, a final inspection is conducted to ensure the system’s safety parameters and performance standards.

Given the complete product range with superior features, extensive support in design and execution, and fast delivery time, Jubilee Corporation has successfully executed many high-profile projects across Pakistan in sectors such as Textile, Oil & Gas, FMCGs, Packaging, Commercial sector & High rise buildings.

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