Power Zone Engineering introduced Bladon Micro-turbines in Pakistan

neering introduced Bladon Micro-turbines in Pakistan

Power Zone Engineering & Services has been in the business of providing cost effective and efficient backup energy solutions in the market for almost two decades now.  The company is known for being foresighted in its decision making process and taking bold moves to introduce the latest technological products in the market.

Keeping up with its legacy of providing the most efficient and cost-effective products, the Directors of Power Zone Engineering and Services – Mr Ahsan Ali, Mr Imran Butt and Mr Mohsin Ali, have decided to introduce Bladon Micro Turbine Gensets in the Pakistani market. Bladon Micro Turbine Gensets are being manufactured and marketed by a company based out of the UK and Power Zone Engineering has been selected as the sole distributors of the product in Pakistan.

While talking exclusively to Engineering Post, one of the Directors, Mr. Mian Ahsan Ali – Power Zone Engineering and Services, explained “Bladon micro turbine gensets can be used in off grid locations especially for cellular towers and other telecom applications, and have the potential to replace conventional diesel gensets or hybrid gensets. The most important feature of this product is that it has a very flexible requirement for fuel and can run on Diesel, Kerosene oil or a blend of both which can be helpful in decreasing the chances of fuel theft.”

The power factor for Bladon micro turbine gensets is 1 which makes it comparable to a 20 KVA diesel generator. But the comparison is only in power factor not in maintenance costs as clarified by Mr Mian Ahsan. “The Bladon micro turbine genset can be serviced by a single person after 12 months of continuous running or 8 thousand hours of running while the conventional diesel genset needs to be serviced after every 200 hours which comes down to 40 services per year costing around 6 lakh rupees,” he said. This is a considerable advantage keeping in view that Bladon micro turbine gensets require no physical presence of personnel and can be remotely monitored. Moreover due to the well-designed sound insulation it only produces 59dB of sound.

Another significant consideration checks before committing to any investment is the return on Investment (ROI). Now due to the decreased operational costs and almost no overhear expenses, the ROI for Bladon micro turbine gensets is 2-3 years. The state of the art gensets use air piston technology which means that No liquid coolant, engine oil, grease, or lubricant is needed. “Only the oil filter and air filter needs to be replaced after every 12 months, which means that its total cost is 38% less than diesel gensets” told Mian Ahsan. Power Zone Engineering is looking forward to decreasing the cost of the product once it is introduced in Pakistan. This will be achieved by localisation of parts and local manufacturing of the product. When alluding to the prospects of local manufacturing, Mian Ahsan said that although he cannot go into the details but Power Zone Engineering is extensively deliberating on the option if it is finalised then within the next 2-3 years, the Bladon micro turbine gensets will be manufactured completely in Pakistan.

When asked about the marketing of this product Mian Ahsan said “Once we receive our first shipment we will be arranging extensive seminars across the country for the people of Pakistan because seeing is believing”.