Offering Lightning and Surge Protection Systems, and Earthing solution with IEC compliant tools

Jubilee Corporation offers Complete solution for External Lightning, Earthing and Surge Protection

The Monsoon season brings news of fatalities and damages caused by direct and indirect lightning strikes every year. Unfortunately, the design standards and proper installation practices of lightning protection system are not given the due consideration during design or execution stage of a project. Unprotected structures pose a high risk for structural damages, equipment failure and, in the worst case scenario, to the human lives.

Lightning and surge protection are essential components to protect people, buildings, installations and devices from the risks of lightning strikes and induced electrical surges. The lightning protection system intercepts, conducts and disperse lightning current (can be as high as 200kA) safely to earth termination system. If seen from commercial perspective, the investment done in design and installation of LPS systems is mostly far lesser than the damages a single bolt of lightning can bring.

At Jubilee Corporation (JC), we adopt the IEC EN BS 62305 standard as the reference document for designing LPS. The aforementioned standards define the optimum protection measures to design lightning protection system. All the considerations for lightning protection are driven by a comprehensive risk assessment, taking in to account the structure to be protected and also the services to which the structure is connected. In essence, structural lightning protection cannot be considered in isolation. Protection against transient over voltages or electrical surges is integral to IEC EN BS 62305.

Jubilee Corporation (JC) is the authorized distributor of DEHN SE + Co KG, in Pakistan. DEHN is the global leader in the field of lightning and surge protection, and has maintained its focus on the research and promotion of lightning protection for more than 100 years. As the core editorial member of IEC / TC 81, DEHN has drafted several lightning protection standards affecting the world, such as IEC 62305, IEC 61643, IEC 62561, NFPA 780 etc.

JC offers a comprehensive range of products for Lightning Protection / Earthing and Surge Protective Devices manufactured by DEHN. We ensure our customers the full support from design of LPS (IEC compliant) to provide supervision, throughout installation process.

Jubilee Corporation has the leading advantage of having well-trained team of engineers with in-depth technical knowledge on the subject.  JC conducts technical sessions and international webinars related to LPS design, risk analysis and product selections for its teams and professionals in the fraternity. These trainings help in ensuring that we provide the best possible quality in both materials and installation practices to maximize safety. You can contact Jubilee Corporation’s team at for any query related to LPS system design, risk analysis, SPDs selection and earthing.