Power Division likely to complete 20 ongoing projects during FY 2023

Engineering Post Report

Power Division of the Federal Government is likely to complete as many  as 20 ongoing minor development projects during outgoing financial year 2022-23 under the Public Sector Development  Programme (PSDP) .

These projects required small funds allocations for their completion and this was done accordingly by allocating required funds so as to ensure their completion. Some of these even may have  been completed by now but somehow no immediate confirmation was available from official sources concerned in this regard. 

On the whole, Power Division was continuing implementation of 30 ongoing projects during financial year 2022-23  at a total estimated cost of Rs 52795.728 million including foreign of Rs 13189.329 million. An estimated total expenditure of Rs 15428.789 million was reported to have been incurred by end June 2022. Against a throw forward of Rs 37276.957 million, the Power.

Division was allocated Rs 17709.835 million under PSDP for the  outgoing financial year.. Ongoing projects included three establishment of 220kv substations at Dhabeji, Swabi and Haripur for the Special Economic Zones (SEZs). Implementation of these SEZs related projects apparently seems pretty slow due to inadequate low funds allocation under the PSDP.

PSDP document has listed seven new projects for their being launched during the outgoing financial year before ed June 2023. These were estimated to cost Rs25829.900 million including foreign aid of Rs 13038.760 million. Against  this an allocation  of .Rs 6500.00  including foreign of Rs 2300.000 million was provided for launching purposes during outgoing  financial year.

Quite interestingly, out of seven new schemes, three have been listed but without any allocation whatsoever for their launching.

Out of these a major project was “Electricity Distribution Efficiency Improvement Project” which was approved by the Executive Committee of the National Economic Council (ECNEC) in December 2021 at an estimated cost of Rs 11750.880 million including a  huge foreign of Rs 11218.780 million. For its launching during the current fiscal, an allocation of Rs 2500.00 million including substantial foreign aid of Rs 2300.00 million  was provided under PSDP 2022-23, as per the official documents.